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huckelrieden, Germany

Unexpected Marathon

by Anonymous

unexpected marathon2

I guess unexpected things can happen every day. On the 22nd of February in 2011 I ran a marathon.

The thing is that I wasn´t prepared for it and I haven´t trained for it. It was like Forrest Gump. First I wanted to run 8-10K like I always do once a week, but then I thought I can go a bit further today, by the time I reached 16K I thought: “well now you can go for a half-marathon”. Once I accomplished that, I was curious how far I can take this.

By the point I reached 27K my brain pretty much shut down and I went for the marathon. I don´t really know why I did that, maybe it was because of the insulting job offer I received that day, maybe I wanted to prove something to myself, maybe it was the sun and the clear blue sky, or maybe I just wanted to do something crazy and see where my limits are? The next day I literally could not get off the couch. Live strong people!!!