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Lindern, Germany

The Surprise of a Lifetime

by Steven Anderson

It was the day before my 18th birthday. I had been halfway across the world for the last 9 months as a American exchange student to Germany! My time there was winding down and my heart had mixed feelings.


On one hand I had all of these friends and an incredible host family that I had grown so attached to! I didn’t want to leave after only just getting to know them! But on the other hand I hadn’t seen my Family or my friends back home for an entire year, and I was really excited to go back.  With all this happening, it was decided that my 18th birthday party would be not only a birthday celebration, but a goodbye as well.

My host father and I were picking out songs for a birthday playlist when my host mother calls him downstairs. After a few minutes of choosing some more songs I hear my host dad saying, “Steven! Come outside and look at the dog!”  I was so confused, what could possibly be wrong with our dog? As I went out the front door I see my host dad smiling with the camera and pointing towards the corner of the house.

I was just starting to ask what he was looking at when I turn around the corner and see my WHOLE Family standing there! My family from america flew all the way across the ocean to surprise me for my birthday! WOW, I was so shocked and happy and confused…..It was incredible.

They video taped the whole thing. We all had an amazing diner with both my American and German family in the same room =) The next day I took my older brother and my younger sister to our school and showed them around and introduced them to all of my friends. That night was the big party! About 86 people showed up! I invited my whole class, my basketball teams, my friends, my ping pong club, family friends, the sheriff,  everyone came out say goodbye to me.

It was the best party of my life! =)