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Boston, USA

The rabbi at the Boston Common

by Simon

boston common

So I was sitting on this bench at the Boston Common Park and I was waiting for a friend.  While I was sitting there, my mind was pretty much preoccupied about random thoughts regarding my ex- girlfriend, the uncertainties about what to do after I graduate and whether or not I should get hammered tonight at the party, because I feel shitty. This brings me to the reason why I was waiting there, because my friend was supposed to pick me up and we both wanted to go to a college party, although I didn´t feel like partying at all. It was kind of chilly that night even though it was summer; therefore I had my hands in my pockets to warm them and I just stared at the fountain in front of me.

All the sudden this Rabbi came and sat right next to me. He sat there and he also stared at the fountain. It seemed for a while that we were both lost in our thoughts. Then, unexpectedly, he started talking “Where are you from, son?” I was surprised and it took me a second to realize that he was talking to me. I told him that I am from Germany. He was like “From Germany, eh? Look son, don´t worry about your relationship and don´t worry about what kind of job you´ll end up with.” I thought “Holly Shit”, but I didn´t say anything. He continued “I know you worry about that, because that´s what guys in your age are worried about. If you were twenty years older now and I would met you here, just as we are doing it right now and if you would have that same hatred expression on your face I would just tell you “Don´t do that” I´m sorry my son, but really no one with such a face and healthy body like yours should have an expression like that. Why are you so worried? You know, People worry about their future so much that they forget to enjoy the present. I know lots of people say that. But it´s true, why would you be so anxious about something that is not even present yet and might not even occur at all. It’s such a waste of energy. You should rather use that energy for the moment you are in right now and for the people who surround you. Trust me, as soon as you turn that negative energy into positive, something or someone great will happen to you. I promise. I gotta go now, but keep that in mind my son. In a matter of fact, start tonight and make a choice whether you want to get hammered tonight for the right reason, or not. Stay positive!” He smirked at me and disappeared in the night.

Couple minutes later, my friend showed up and we went to the party. Obviously I was quite irritated by the “conversation” before and while we were walking to the party I thought about what he said. I didn´t say anything to my friend about the rabbi and that odd scene until couple weeks later. On the way I said to myself “Look, if a rabbi comes up to you late at night on a park bench and gives you some life lessons you just have to take it. Not taking such an advice is not even an option.” Eventually we got to the party and instead of feeling depress I tried to look at the bright side. Instead of seeing all the annoying frat boys hitting on the pretty girls, I focused on the good music, the beer and the few people I knew. At some point I sat on a couch, I had a beer in my hand and I thought about the rabbi. While I was enjoying the moment, a gorgeous girl sat down next to me and introduced herself……We ended up dating. …….Now that I wrote this story, I wonder to whom the rabbi will talk today.