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Agadir, Morocco

Money from the sky

by Julia S.

I was lying down on the beach and watched the sun set.  Right next to me was a mother with her little girl.


The little girl was asking for some money to buy ice cream. The mother said no to her, because they would have dinner soon. But the little girl didn´t take no for an answer. She kept asking for money and started screaming. The mother said to her in a sarcastic, but very calm and friendly way: “My dear, the only option for you to get ice cream now is to catch money that is falling from the sky!”

The little girl immediately ran off and looked up to the sky waiting for the money to fall down. She looked to the sky for couple of minutes and then she returned to her mother. With a very disappointed expression on her face she said in her sweet childish voice: “But mother, there is no money falling from the sky.” The mother smiled at her and said: “Well honey, trust me I was much older than you when I figured that out.”


I love to observe situations like this in public. It is like looking through a keyhole in the lives of others. This little scene made me realize how innocent children really are. I was lucky that I had the camera in my hand to take this picture.