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La Pared, Fuerteventura

Cast Away

by Wolfgang C.

I consider myself as a very convenient guy who enjoys a glass of wine and watching TV when I get home from work, which kind of has an effect on my body.


Anyway, now when it comes to vacation I like to travel somewhere where it is warm and where I can relax. And I don´t have a problem to admit that I am an “all inclusive” kind of traveler who doesn´t need lots of action on vacation. I even prefer the pool over the beach and ocean. In a matter of fact, I hate the ocean because of the waves and the salty water. I rather just enjoy the view from the beach under a nice sunshade. Anyway, last year we went to Fuerteventura, one of my favorite island. For some reason my wife convinced me this time to get into the ocean.

I took my pool mattress with me so that I can just float on the water and don´t have to swallow the salty sea. It was a very nice sunny day with almost no wind, just a nice summer breeze. I actually enjoyed it, being on the water and the small waves where moving in a very calm and relaxing way. I felt asleep. When I woke up, the first thing I noticed with my weary eyes was that my stomach had the color of a Ferrari and my skin hurt when I moved. Second thing I noticed was that I couldn´t notice anything else, due to that fact that there was nothing to see. I was surrounded by a massive body of blue water and there was no shore in sight. I drifted away, far away. First I jiggled a bit about the situation and then I was a bit scared. I started paddling towards where I thought the beach would be.

After paddling for an hour or so I still couldn´t see a piece of land. I thought that I went in the wrong direction, but then I heard noises from the direction I paddled to and the noises came closer. It was a rescue team on a speedboat that came for me. They even had a French doctor on a boat who happened to be near the lifeguard station and offered his help. I felt really stupid about the whole situation and quite embarrassed. A whole rescue team had to save me, a slightly overweight German guy, who fell asleep on pool mattress and helplessly drifted away on the ocean. Embarrassing and yet slightly funny. If you ask why my wife didn´t recognize me drifting away, she felt asleep under the sunshade.