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Black Forest, Germany

Get in touch with nature

by Luise

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I was hiking in the black forest. It was summer and the weather was hot and humid. I was alone. I enjoy hiking alone, because it gives me time to focus on myself and think about my life. Besides, you get to see much more animals when you hike by yourself without the constant noise of other people talking.

If you are alone in the forest, you are just another animal among other animals. It gives me somehow a feeling of a strong connection to Mother Nature. When I was hiking on that hot summer day, I took a break after hiking for about 3 hours. I sat down on a log and just enjoyed the view. Suddenly, I saw a boar/wildpig with her cubs walking by in a close distance. First I was a bit scared, because a female boar can be quite aggressive when her cubs are around. However, I remain silent and just observed them walking and grunting by. It was beautiful to see how the mother took care of the cubs. The cubs were so cute.

Just couple minutes later I saw an eagle on a tree. The eagle just sat on the branch and was not moving at all. Then suddenly the eagle flew down from the branch and I was able to see it capturing a mouse. The quickness of the attack and the way the eagle made the moves were incredible.  I can understand why the eagle is a symbol for power as well as for freedom.

I know this is not a crazy story, but it was a special moment for me in which I realized how beautiful all animals are and how important it is that we preserve our nature and take care of it. I also just want to encourage other people to go hiking, to watch animals and simply enjoy the beauty of nature. So go out and get in touch with nature :)