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Berlin, Germany

An awkward and tough situation

by Anonymous

I rather stay anonymous and if you read this story, you´ll probably understand why I choose to do so.

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After graduating from an elite university I had a job interview at a consulting firm in Berlin. Since I had nothing to do before the interview, I went to Berlin a couple of days earlier to visit a friend and to party with her. So on a Friday, three days before the interview I went to a location called “Bar 25” (which unfortunately doesn´t exist anymore) and me and my friend hit it off pretty good. We danced all night to great electro music. At some point on Saturday morning, a guy in his mid-forties showed up and he offered me a free coke line. I refused the offer, because he looked kind of creepy and not trustworthy. Besides, I would never take stuff like that from a stranger. Then he grabbed my hand, touched my ass and whispered some disgusting things in my ear, which I don´t want to mention here. I just pushed him a little to get off him. My friend and I left the place immediately. We were just annoyed by the situation. We went home and slept for a long time.

Monday morning. I got up early to get ready for the interview. I ate breakfast on my friend´s balcony and the sun was rising. I took the subway to get to my interview. I entered the impressive company building. The receptionist brought me to the human resource department. I had my first interview with someone from the HR Department. It went pretty well. This person told me that I did great and not to worry about the final interview. After waiting for an hour, I walked in to the last interview. I was being introduced to the CEO.  He told me to take a seat and apologized that we would have to wait a few minutes until my potential future supervisor would return from a phone call and join us.

After chit chatting with the CEO about my stay in Berlin and good restaurants, he finally showed up. He came through the door and I turned around towards him. There he was, the guy from Friday night. I couldn´t believe it. The CEO introduced us and we shook hands. It took him a while until he recognized me. I could see that he wasn´t sure at first, but when he saw the look on my face, he knew. He looked scared, helpless and ashamed. My heart was pounding fast. The CEO was about to start the interview, but I interrupted him. I just looked in their eyes and told them “I am sorry, but I do not think that this company is the right fit for me.” and left the room.