How to participate

  • Write about any significant event, incident or experience in your life. Since we cannot personally verify your story, we will have to operate under the honor code.
  • Add a photograph or drawing that relates to your story or adds meaning to it. Doodle or be creative if you don´t possess an image.
  • Provide a heading that captures attention.
  • Please limit your story to a maximum of 1000 words. If the picture speaks for itself, a few words might be just enough. Nevertheless 300-500 words is probably a good orientation.
  • Your story will be classified into at least one category; however, we will consider your suggestion as to most fitting category.
  • Regarding credit and anonymity: please let us know how we should credit your bigblueproject story; it can be your real name, a nickname of your choosing, or “anonymous.” Additionally, provide us with the town and country in which you reside. If the story took place somewhere else, please give us also the place where the story took place.
  • If you have a personal website or blog you would like to share, you are welcome to provide the link and we will post it with your story.  However, it is crucial that the content of your blog/website is somewhat related to the story you submitted.

Thanks for participating in the bigblueproject challenge! We look forward to sharing your story and picture!

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