bigblueproject is a visual platform for all kinds of personal stories around the world.

We love good stories. That is why we are collecting interesting stories from people all over the big blue planet and making them accessible to a community that is curious about different cultures, activities and people.

@ bigblueproject we believe that by providing stories along with pictures and the location of where the stories took place, we bring the reader even closer to the stories and enhance a sense of connection. It is our goal to get lots of diverse snapshots of people´s moments in life and pin them on the bigblueproject map.

We invite you to join this international community and become part of bigblueproject by exploring great stories and submitting your own story.

As for the foundation of this project WE

  • BELIEVE that everyone has a story worth sharing
  • HOPE to enhance a sense of connection among people through stories
  • THINK that the best stories are real life experiences told from a personal point of view

This project is open and free to all people on the big blue planet.

Be part of it

@ bigblueproject, we encourage you to share your best [personal] story.

We believe everyone has at least a handful of fascinating stories. Why not share it with the world? Allow a glimpse into your world by writing down a story, experience, or daily event. Provide a picture along with the location of where your story took place. It only takes 10 minutes and the impact can be immense

Your story may simply entertain someone who is unable to sleep in the middle of the night. It can show a part of the world to someone who has not yet explored it. Your story may inspire, be a catalyst for change.

Stories are an essential part of our lives. Through stories we can share our experiences, passions, joys and hardships and perhaps weird situations we got ourselves into. By sharing these stories we give profound insights in our world. They allow us to understand ourselves better, to learn about each other and to find our commonalities with others.

We strongly believe in our concept and the idea that bigblueproject is carrying; however, we need your help and your story in order to create something unique. We guarantee someone will enjoy or appreciate your story. If you like the idea of the project or you know someone who has an incredible story to tell, please invite other people to join.
Accept the bigblueproject challenge and submit your story and accompanied picture here. You can also just send your story via email to namaste@bigblueproject.com.

Click here for rules and information about how to participate.

We are all different and unique, but one thing we have in common is that we all live on the same big blue marble. bigblueproject simply wants to capture some snapshots of the world through stories that happen every day somewhere on the planet.

So go out there, explore the world, share your passion with people, get involved and tell your story.

Burkhard Gruess